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In September of 2010, having plenty of mood for work and lots of good will we founded VIVID & HEALTH Ltd (limited liability company)-Production and trade of cosmetics-detergents-food. Three young men with one common vision of developing innovative products in the field of domestic and industrial detergents, but also having environmental and creative leanings as well, joined their knowledge and experiences to bring something new, economical and environmentally friendly in the market of cleansing products.

After conducting studies, investigation and experiments and as soon as we had evaluated our results we moved on to the realization of our first innovative concept which is the production of plant origin cleansers made of pure, organic olive oil.

Nowadays, this line of products, which is protected by a patent can be purchased in retail chain markets and in special stores selling organic products. These products are being tested by consumers daily, not only because of it innovative concept and usefulness, but also because of its economical and ecological orientation.

And we don’t just stop there. We are working on the production of more similar products with the same philosophy: quality and economy along with ecological awareness. Our company offices are located on 1, Argostoliou street, Moschato, Attica ever since our foundation while the company also occupies separate storerooms for storage and distribution of the products.

Being new and quickly developing, our company has already accomplished cooperation with retail chain markets and specialized stores as well as distribution companies all over Greece. Furthermore, we are intensely focused on exporting our products as we believe our products interest markets worldwide since they have all the benefits of economy and ecology as far as competition is concerned.

Our vision is to expand in a healthy way preserving our purely Greek profile and to offer innovative, competitive Greek products contributing to the development of our country at the same time.


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