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History of the Olive Tree PDF Print E-mail


The olive tree haw appeared in mythology, art representations and the history of the people in the countries of the its growth since ancient times. The olive tree has always been a symbol of prosperity, peace, fertility and growth. In order to understand the social significance of the olive tree we have to bear in mind that in ancient Greece the winners of the Olympic games were crowned with a wreath made of branches of the olive tree called the “ cotino “ and were gives olive oil as a prize.

The ancient Greeks called olive oil “the liquid gold”.

Our people were very soon bonded with the olive tree and olive oil and it was connected with many aspects of our lives. Our seamen used to pour olive from Christian candle lamps to calm the sea turbulence and mothers used to form the shape of a cross on their children’s foreheads before they went to bed, in order to avoid seeing bad dreams. So, it became a big part of our social, economical and artistic expressions leading us to discover more and more ways of using it. Soon, we found out all about its healing properties and its use as a natural cosmetic.

Even today, we continue to use it in many beauty products and now we have the chance to use it in many Kinds of the cleansing products

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