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OLIVE GREEN presents the first detergents made of olive oil.

These detergents were created by the need and the inclination of modern society to using traditional products.

After thorough examination, along with the necessary technical knowledge we have succeeded to use olive oil in a way which converts it in one ultimately powerful detergent, without using any chemicals or industrial products which leave dangerous remnants and release fumes in the spaces where we live in the work.

OLIVE GREEN is an innovative line of plant origin detergents. They contain biodegradable ingredients, they are harmless to humans and the environment while they are hypoallergiacally fragranced. These products come in a completely recyclable pet package.

They do not contain green soap or any corrosive substances and that’s the reason why they have no warning signs on their labels.

Nowadays most detergents contain toxic and carcinogenic substances (chlorine has been incriminated for causing cancer as it was used as a toxic weapon during world war 1).

The impact on the human body is also important. In a recent research, conducted among residents of Attica on behalf of “clean Greece”, it was discovered that 84,9% of women and 78,5% of men in Greece agree on the opinion that common cleansers such as chlorine and other detergents are hazardous for our health, harmful for the environment and should not be used.

Furthermore, 26% of women declared that detergents cause irritations and health problems such as dermatitis, allergies suffocation, etc while 31% declared that in certain cases they actually have some kind of irritation cause by common detergents.

It is said that children’s allergies have multiplied over the last 30 years.

To a greed extend this is due to the increased use of domestic chemical and even those called “organic products”.

Ecologists emphasis on detergents and home cleansers because, according to the findings of the European statistic services the overage Greek consumer uses double or triple amount of detergent than necessary .

The promotion of our products is based on this concept. We searched a lot, and we are able to suggest certain solution taken from the great treasure of nature to replace the chemicals we use every day in our homes. This way, each and every one of us can protect not only their health, but also the environment which we live in.

The first thing to do however, is to read a useful guide on the ecological use of detergents which deserves to be noticed at least until we are convinced to do away with chemicals in our homes completely.



For ecological use of detergents


  • We use the special signs on cleanser labels to understand which products are the most dangerous: We avoid them and we replace them with plant origin ones

  • We only use the necessary amount and never more than that.

  • We use detergent spare packages. This way we save 75% of packaging materials.

  • We buy non toxic, environmentally friendly detergents. We prefer those that don’t contain phosphate, chlorine or petroleum because they cause irritations in our respiratory system and headaches to the user.

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